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Data Center Networking

Data Center network is the cornerstone of your IT systems. Therefore it needs both high availability technologies and processes to reach 24/7 service operation uptime. Furthermore, the demand for more and more bandwidth never ends. Our experts can help you analyse traffic trends, troubleshoot long-standing technical issues or implement a new network design.

  • Local Area Network (LAN)

  • Software Defined Local Area Network (SD LAN)

  • Storage Area Network (SAN)

  • Dense Wavelenght Division Multiplexing (DWDM)

  • Application Delivery Controller, Load-balancer

  • Bandwith Management

  • Wide Area Network (WAN) Internet, Partner

  • Wide Area Network DC-Branch offices

  • Software Defined Wide Area Network DC-Branch office (SD WAN)

  • Network Terminal Access Point (Network TAP)

  • Public Cloud, Hybrid Cloud

Network Security

100% IT security does not exist or the price of it simply would be infinite. But do you know that there are many things you can do as a preventive action to keep your business data and systems safe? Contact us to learn more.

  • Firewall, IPS

  • Firewall Policy Management

  • Email Security Appliance (ESA)

  • Web Security Apliance (WSA)

  • Content Security Management

  • Remote Access VPN

  • Site to Site VPN

  • Network Access Control (NAC)

  • AAA server

  • One Time Password

  • Network Traffic Security Analysis

  • Network Sandboxing

  • Web Application Firewall (WAF)

  • Malware Protection

  • Malware Protection for Endpoints

  • Cloud Security

Smashed Laptop Screen

Enterprise / Campus Networking

Wired and Wi-Fi networks are used to connect PCs, notebooks, tablets and bar code scanners, shortly client devices.  They are major contributing factors to good user experience by providing seamless and fast network access. Having a slow Wi-Fi network? Or just want to upgrade your network? Feel free to contact us!

  • Local Area Network (LAN)

  • Software Defined Local Area Network (SD LAN)

  • Industrial Local Area Network (LAN)

  • Wireless Network (WIFI), Office

  • Wireless Network (WIFI), Point-Point


​Even the most reliable IP network needs a continuous monitoring, management system and measurement tool which can report the network's status at any given time and can predict future problems. These systems and tools help companies standardize network operations and management processes - lowering costs by reducing unplanned work and making it easier to implement new technologies. Our experts can help you find these solution and optimize your network operation.

  • Infrastructure Monitoring 

(Inventory Management & Availability,

Network Fault Management,

Syslog Collection, Analysis, Alert, Riporting)

  • Visibility (Network & Application &

Security Performance Monitoring, Riporting)

  • Configuration and Automation Tool

  • TCP/IP Measurement (Traffic Type & Amount,

Capacity, Stress Test)

Monitoring Room
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